Tiny tools


In this section are tools used for converting between units, scales or representation.

Area converter

This is a area converter that converts between square meters, square kilometers, square feet and square miles.

Length converter

This is a length converter that converts between meters, kilometers, feet and miles.

Radix converter

A radix converter (or base converter) that can convert between all bases from base 2 to base 36. The converter has the possibility to convert from one base to three other bases simultaneously.

Roman numerals converter

A roman numeral converter that can convert numbers between 1 and 20000 from the decimal system to roman system or from the roman system the decimal system.

Temperature converter

This is a temperature converter that converts between the three temperture scales kelvin, celsius and fahrenheit.

Volume converter

This is a volume converter that converts between cubic meters, cubic kilometers, cubic feet and cubic miles.

Weight converter

This is a weight converter that converts between the kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb).


Thsi section contains calculators.

BMI calculator

This is a tool that calculates BMI (Body Mass Index) using a person's weight and height. Both the metric system and the imperial system can be used.

Percent calculator

This is a tool that calculates percent in an easy and understandable way.

Network tools

This section contains online network tools.

My IP address

A tool for looking up your IP address.